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social responsibility


  1. Prevention of labor and human rights violation.
  2. Respect freedom of association and bargain collectively.
  3. Prevention of any involuntary labor.
  4. Prevention of underage labor and protection of juvenile worker.
  5. Prohibit any labor and occupation discrimination.
  6. Provide health and safety environment, protect workers' health and safety.
  7. Uphold fair treatment, prohibit any discrimination and sexual harassment.
  8. Provide legal and reasonable wages and benefits, award workers' contribution.
  9. Protection of resource and environment and realize sustainable development.
  10. Provide equitable and fair competitive environment, against any extortion and bribe.

We will adhere to the concept of protection environment, and make efforts for it, and promise as following:
  • Comply with the law and regulation.
  • Reject and not use the limited hazardous substance, which is limited by law and regulation and customers.
  • Not use conflict minerals.
  • Dedicate to cutting down environmentally hazardous substance.
  • Reduce resource consumption and waste discharge.
  • All staff participation to protect environment and construct sustainable development society.